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Story of Place

Working together with the community, we determined the values which this project, and its site, must maintain:

  • Design structures and nature-based techniques that protect life while allowing the natural exchanges that enrich it.
  • This development is an opportunity to appreciate, celebrate, and integrate the resources of this place – including the residents and neighborhood.
  • Use this apartment community to engage, reinforce, and make-real the motivating visions of Salem as a healthy living system.
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“This project is THE MOST resilient project proposed in Salem, period."

Flora Tonthat, Salem Resident

"The more physically joined together this project feels, the better it will create that sense of community and bring in everyone from the edges."

Amy VanDoren, Salem Resident

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen."

Shannon Bailey, Leefort Tenant

Leefort Terrace Residents

The residents of Leefort Terrace are a mixture of diverse and unique elderly and/or disabled individuals. Many current residents have lived at Leefort Terrace for many years and have experienced the deterioration of their living conditions over time. These residents are crucial members of the Salem community and the redevelopment of Leefort Terrace is helping them get the modern and updated homes that they deserve.

Current residents will be temporarily relocated offsite during construction, all residents in good standing will have the right to return to the newly redeveloped Leefort Terrace. Beacon and SHA will be responsible to cover all costs associated with relocation. A housing relocation consultant, Housing Opportunities Unlimited, that will work individually with each resident throughout the entire relocation process to help them find the best fit for their temporary relocation needs. Upon return to the new building, Leefort Terrace residents will continue to pay 30% of their income towards rent, including utilities, as they do today.

The new building will include a large community room with a kitchen and area for computer learning, a fitness center and a wellness office with an exam room. A full time Resident Services Coordinator will oversee a plethora of activities and services to support residents to thrive in all areas of their lives.
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Summary of Resident Services

Site History

Understanding the history of Salem, the Salem Neck, and its community is paramount towards determining how and why Leefort Terrace should be redeveloped.

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Design & Open Space

A community group made up of Leefort Terrace residents, Greater Salem community members, and project stakeholders, worked together to design the publicly accessible open space along the Collins Cove side of the Leefort Terrace redevelopment. The process and resulting plan strives to reflect the unique and interrelated environmental, housing and open space needs of the community.