History, Story, Community Process

Site History

Understanding the history of Salem, the Salem Neck, and its community is paramount towards determining how and why Leefort Terrace should be redeveloped.

Working together with the community, we determined the values which this project, and its site, strive to maintain

  • Design structures and nature-based techniques that protect life while allowing the natural exchanges that enrich it.
  • This project is an opportunity to appreciate, celebrate, and integrate the resources of this place – including the residents and neighborhood.
  • Use this project to engage, reinforce, and make-real the motivating visions of Salem as a healthy living system.

Cooperative Planning & Design

Beacon Communities have been working with and listening to the needs of current residents of Leefort Terrace. All feedback gathered, in addition to outside community feedback, has helped design a new home for residents with accessibility and services tailored to their needs.